Our clients are part of why Bay Area Waterscapes has become a big success. We have been proudly serving the members of bay area communities since 1999. Check out the following testimonials and hear directly from our clients how we can help design or maintain your water garden.

Cash French is one of the most professional men that I have worked with and am so grateful for his suggestions and what he accomplished for our family. My brother-in-law passed away in Walnut Creek, CA and the waterfall/fish pond was in need of cleaning, water control, etc and French’s Waterscapes did an outstanding job. I recommend him HIGHLY TO ALL.
Mary Lee & Don, Walnut Creek – Feb 1, 2016

We are so pleased with the service and work from French’s Waterscapes. We had had difficulty finding a company to help us with maintenance of our backyard pond & waterfall. Cash is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with these systems and his company’s work is just outstanding. We now feel as if we have someone we can rely on to help us out to keep our pond in great shape and keep our koi happy!
Jim and Judy, San Rafael – Nov 5, 2015

Cash not only cleaned our pond; he had suggestions for controlling the algae that keeps coming back. He installed water plants that enhanced the appearance of the waterfall. He and his crew showed up on time and finished the job in the time frame promised.
Trev & Bill, Pleasant Hill – Jun 9, 2015

Great job!
Anonymous – Mar 15, 2015

Cash French is a very experienced and creative pond builder. His designs are imaginative and built right. He is a wizard at finding and repairing leaks. You can’t go wrong with him.
Steve C., Oakland – Dec 17, 2014

Cash did a great job when he did the entire pond. He was by far the best pond person that I have dealt with.
Anonymous – Dec 17, 2014

All went well. Base of fountain isn’t completely covered with rocks as stated in contract.
Anonymous – Sep 22, 2014

French’s Waterscapes FAR EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS and we are pleased to be used as a “referral” from an extremely satisfied client. Cash French is the ultimate in professionalism, knowledge, listens to client’s needs, suggests various options to fit any budget, and is exceptional in client service and follow up in many areas. The pond had been installed years ago (previous owner) and not cared for by my brother-in-law, green algae galore and you couldn’t even see the fish. French Waterscapes the ugly pond into a thing of beauty installed an Ion System and Water leveler so that it maintains itself. Water quality is checked with a special kit monthly. You can now see the fish and rocks in the bottom, and the adjustment to the flow of water makes beautiful and restful waterfall sounds. Cash French is the BEST and we cannot say enough positive things about him, the way he handles his clients, and is now a FRIEND and service provider.
Mary Lee & Don, Walnut Creek – Sep 6, 2014

French’s Waterscapes FAR EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS and we will, gladly, offer ourselves as a personal reference. The job was a challenging one as the Pond was already installed and ‘not cared for”. He turned a sow’s ear into a thing of beauty and installed a Ion Gen System and well as ‘water leveler” to make our lives easier! Cash French is an incredible professional that “listens to clients”, ,offers suggestions, and is “there for his clients” to answer any questions we may have before ,during, and after the process. He will be contacted for any of our future waterscape needs as, in our opinion, he is the BEST! He takes his professional and personal assistance way beyond the standards in the industry and in interested in providing the best client service ever and he’s done it! We can now “see” our Koi and Golf Fish”and the waterfall adjustments have created beautiful and restful sounds in the courtyard.Thanks Cash, for a job well done!!!!
Mary Lee & Don, Walnut Creek – Sep 5, 2014

Service was competently and professionally provided in less time than I would have imagined.
Alfred M., San Mateo – Aug 21, 2014

Excellent assessment and review of options and costs in our side and front yard. I feel more comfortable now with where one or more waterscape features should go and what we should budget.
Alan, Lafayette – Aug 15, 2014