Allow us to share a little bit of water gardening knowledge with you … the key to a low maintenance water garden is to keep your new ecosystem pond in balance! Read on and learn how to water garden the low maintenance way. So regardless of which type of water feature you own, we’ll tell you the best way to maintain it with the least amount of work on your part!

Now that you’ve decided to dive into the world of the water gardening lifestyle, you’re probably wondering exactly what you need to do to maintain your new aquatic beauty, and keep it looking good.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about the do’s and don’ts of water garden maintenance so your head may be spinning, wondering which steps are necessary and which ones aren’t. The whole point of installing your pond in the first place was to reduce the stress in your life, not add it to.

The Basics For Cleaning Ecosystem Ponds…

The key to keeping an all-natural water garden in check is general ecosystem maintenance. The five elements of your ecosystem pond all need to be balanced in order to insure that everything is working smoothly. They are:

  • Mechanical and Biological Filters
  • Pumps and Plumbing
  • Rocks and Gravel
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Fish

These elements must all be present in order for the system to really work. Once your pond is balanced, it’s not hard to see why maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem is easier. With the exception of some seasonal maintenance, all you really need to worry about is tossing a little beneficial bacteria into your pond and cleaning out your skimmer net once every week or two.

We are dedicated to providing their customers with the most comprehensive and logical pond maintenance programs available. This dedication enables us to make educated improvements on our product line and pond installation and maintenance techniques thus allowing us to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality Pond Maintenance services that you will find in your area. Simply put we love ponds and waterfalls and enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you may enjoy your Water Gardening lifestyle.

We offer Spring Cleanings and Fall Maintenance.

  • Clean entire pond / pondless / streams and all filters and skimmers, or
  • Clean only the biofalls filters and skimmers

We recommend a full cleaning in Spring, and a routine maintenance cleaning in Fall.

Bio filters need to be cleaned twice per year; Spring and Fall.

Note: If we do not clean the entire pond, we can not fertilize (or divide) your plants or replace any burned out light bulbs. This can be done when the weather is warmer. Additional charges will apply.


  1. Drain pond down to six inches in depth.
  2. Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water.
  3. Drain remainder of pond and power wash pond and stream/waterfall.
  4. Remove debris from the pond bottom.* Clean all filter pads, lava rocks, biofalls, skimmer and pump as needed.
  5. Clean all light lenses and inspect for burned out bulbs.**
  6. Make necessary minor adjustments to rocks if needed.
  7. Fertilize all potted plants.***
  8. Add dechlorinator if needed and start the pond filling.
  9. Re-introduce fish.

* The majority of debris is to be removed. If the pond is ‘sterilized’, by removing all living bacteria, etc., the established ecosystem will be destroyed.
** All burned out underwater bulbs will be replaced, $25 per bulb.
*** Plants will be divided and repotted upon your request for an additional fee.


  1. Remove and clean all filter pads, lava rocks, and nets or baskets as needed.
  2. The biofalls will be completely drained and vacuumed clean.
  3. Re-install all the above and restart the pond.


  • New skimmer mat (should be replaced every year)
  • LED Lighting – Last longer and save electricity
  • IonGen – Prevents string algae from growing in your pond.

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